Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague was one of the first cities we visited together in Europe and is still one of our favourites. The architecture from the Old Town Square to Charles Bridge, and up to the Castle District is incredibly beautiful. We walked around our entire stay in awe. Add in the Christmas markets and the atmosphere of the winter nights, it made for a perfect city to visit during winter in Europe.

Fast Five Favourites:

  • The traditional Christmas markets. Mulled wine, local delicacies, and just soaking up the atmosphere. We had never experienced such a cheerful vibe in winter before!
  • Staying next to the Charles Bridge. We stayed in a small boutique hotel called Podvezi.  The customer service and cute little rooms were great to return home to. They had little touches that made this hotel one of the most memorable we have stayed in. You can also enjoy the views over Prague from the rooftop.
  • Segway tour to the Castle District. Riding along the river was beautiful. It was a quick way to visit lots of different spots and it also saved us from walking up to the castle. We got to do it with friends too which added to the fun. The Lennon wall and 'golden penis' monument were a couple of other attractions that we visited. 
  • Microbreweries. Prague is famous for its beer and we figured what better way to experience the culture than visiting a microbrewery?! We visited a couple that were centuries old and sampled the beer that had been made right in front of us.
  • Wandering through the Old Town. The cobblestoned alleys, the tiny stalls, taking in the history of places like Charles Bridge, the buskers... We wished we had stayed at least another day just to do more of this. Oh well, we will have to return!


  • We stayed for three nights and this was enough time to see everything we wanted to see. It is not a big city to explore. In saying that, we could easily stay for longer next time and just wander.
  • If you are visiting to see the Christmas markets, be sure to check the dates they are open for. We arrived in Salzburg just after Christmas and they had stopped.
  • Stay on the side of Charles Bridge closest to the castle. We found it was much quieter over this way but also only a short walk to the bustling Old Town.
  • Be sure to explore the little alleys and side streets. There are so many cute shops. Prague is also home to the narrowest street in the world. It has traffic lights for pedestrians!
  • Try some hearty Czech food. It is delicious and the ideal winter meal. 
  • If you are into history, take a visit to the Jewish cemetery. The Jewish quarter as a whole is an interesting place to visit and the cemetery was like a metaphor for the checkered past. 
  • Watch out for dodgy taxi drivers! We were hustled into paying 40 euros for a fare from the train station to the old town. The hotel staff tried to help us but it was too late.

Baby on Board:

  • Prague is a walking city and therefore easy to navigate with a baby. It is mostly cobblestones so it may be tricky with some prams.
  • It's fair to say that Xmas markets are a kids paradise, with lots of yummy food and fun things to do. 
  • Definitely look at a stay of 4-5 nights minimum, if time permits. 
  • The markets and old town make for a good place to find something quick, easy and delicious for dinner. Depending on the age of kids, sometimes this is much more appetizing than a meal in a restaurant :)

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