Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Barcelona, Spain

We spent a week in Barcelona and it was one of those cities where it felt like we had only scratched the surface of what was on offer. We had heard of Antoni Gaudi before visiting but we were in absolute awe of his one of a kind style and architecture by the time we left. We couldn't get enough of his work! Definitely a world-class city that is worth a visit.

Fast Five Favourites:

  • Sagrada Familia-Phenomenal! Antoni Gaudi worked for 42 years on this masterpiece. It is supposed to be finished in 2026. We would love to go back and see it!
  • Park Guell-Playful urban park, again the work of Antoni Gaudi. We spent hours exploring here, and actually had a professional photographer/guide with us. 
  • Magic Fountain-We went one evening for the light show and enjoyed ourselves. There is music and the lights are amazing. A nice place where locals mingle with the many tourists. 
  • Camp Nou-Unfortunately we didn't get to see a game but the atmosphere and tour around this impressive stadium were both well worth it. 
  • Gothic Quarter-We enjoyed staying near this area. Like many cities in Europe, the medieval architecture and shops that line the alleyways are fun to explore. 


  • The Magic Fountain Show is on Friday and Saturday evenings. It is very busy and there are a lot of people. There are people walking around selling snacks and drinks. There were also food stalls but we would recommend eating somewhere before you go.
  • You need to be dressed modestly to enter Sagrada Familia. The website says to cover your shoulders and to wear a skirt or dress that reaches mid-thigh. They were not being super strict when we visited but it is not really worth being turned away.
  • We had a professional photo shoot in Park Guell which we would highly recommend! We adore the photos and our photographer (Joan) was also a knowledgeable guide. The tour was about two hours and the park tickets were included in the cost. There were so many intricate details that he pointed out which we don't think we would have noticed/appreciated without him. 
  • As stated we loved seeing the beautiful work of Gaudi everywhere. The other place we took a tour in, and would definitely recommend is Casa Batllo. There is so much more work of his that you can see in Barcelona which we mainly viewed when passing by. 
  • We stayed on the edge of the Gothic quarter in the El Born area. This was a nice location as El Born offered more of a modern feel and we were also right next to the historic Gothic quarter. We found many Airbnb apartments that were good value. 
  • Santa Caterina Markets were across the road from our apartment and had delicious local delicacies. 
  • We ate at Casa Nova a few times. It is a cute and charming little place, we loved the tapas and sangrias.
  • Spend some time at the beach. It is walking distance from the city and a nice stroll and lively part of Barcelona. 
  • We mostly explored the city by foot and took the subway now and then. It was convenient to get around walking. 
  • You can enjoy a beautiful view over the city by taking the gondola up to Park Montjuic, as well as the old castle and park. It's a nice stroll on the way down with different views to take in of the city and ocean. 
  • The famous Las Ramblas is full of action and people! There are street performers and lots of people selling stuff, restaurants, and bars. People say to be mindful of pickpocketers but we didn't come across anything unusual. It's probably a good idea to be cautious with so many people. 
  • Montserrat and Costa Brava (plus the Dali museum) were areas nearby that we thought of visiting but were enjoying Barcelona too much. Keep them in mind as both areas look nice. 
  • Ciutadella Park is very idyllic and we found it to be a nice place to escape and relax from the city. The fountain was big and beautiful. 
  • If you find good paella, go and have it again! We had quite a few duds and were disappointed. We did manage to find a good one in the end but we can't remember the name of the place, sorry!

Baby on Board:

  • Lilah wasn't born when we visited Barcelona but there wouldn't be much that we would change if we were to do this trip with her. A week was a good amount of time, we were pretty relaxed and didn't find ourselves rushing around. You can get everything you need for a baby in Barcelona and it is also stroller friendly.


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