Friday, February 17, 2017


Lilah had just started to walk and we had a long weekend coming up. We wanted to visit somewhere close to Saudi Arabia and Oman turned out to be the perfect three-day escape with our little babe.

Fast Five Favourites:

  • Staying at the Shangri-la, a gorgeous and serene setting in amongst rugged mountains with a beautiful private beach. The resort has 2 options and everything you need, including a number of restaurants.
  • The local vibe and atmosphere. Oman was different to other Middle Eastern countries we had visited. It was nice to experience the culture and interact with the beautiful people.
  • The mosques. The mosques in Oman had a bright and colorful style. 
  • Local markets. Situated near the sea there was an authentic feel to these markets and lots of shops. You can spend an easy 1-2 hours here. 
  • Morning strolls-there were so many scenic walkways, both in the hotel and in surrounding grounds. We took a walk up the hill and there was a nice view out to the marina. 


  • Book an ocean front room to enjoy the views from the moment you wake up. 
  • There are some amazing looking wadis near the resort - perfect for a day trip. Unfortunately, we didn't quite have the time to visit. 
  • Oman also has beautiful mountain areas to explore if you wanted to extend your stay. 
  • Take your time before purchasing at the markets as there are a lot of products that are similar. Make sure to barter!
  • Across the road from the markets, enjoy a beautiful stroll along the oceanfront. The hotel also offers shuttle transfers. 
  • Check out the 2 resort options at the Shangri La. We opted for the more family-friendly resort. The main pools were also here.

Baby on Board:

  • The Shangri-la had absolutely everything we needed to make the time enjoyable for Lilah. There were multiple pools, a splash pad, a kids playroom where you have an option of leaving kids if you so desire, a lazy river just outside of our bedroom door, walkways, and many outdoor restaurants. Lilah was a very happy girl! It is an easy flight connection if you are in the middle east and a comfortable drive from the airport. 


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