Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Travel Hack: Deciding how many days...

Deciding how many days to stay in a place can be difficult - especially when you know nothing about it. Thankfully with the internet, there is a wealth of information out there. As we are teachers we are usually traveling in peak times and therefore booking as we go has generally not been a viable option. We do also prefer to plan our trips beforehand so that we can simply enjoy our time when traveling. 
Over the years we have perfected the following steps to decide on ‘how many days’ to stay somewhere. 

  • Google “how many days ……….”

  • Tripadvisor is usually our go-to forum.

  • Other helpful forums that we have come across are Fodors, Rick Steves, and Lonely Planet.

The best thing is that people have usually asked the exact question that you want to be answered, and that the opinions are completely independent. This is important with the amount of sponsored posts that we come across now on the internet.
TIP - go directly to the forum and type the question that you want to be answered.
For example, on Trip Advisor you can type ‘how many days’ in the Berlin forum.
This will give you more answers, and you can also specify your search to most recent e.t.c. 

  • On Trip Advisor there are also top questions and travel articles for a location, as well as designated location experts. 

  • We like to use the same process for “things to do”. With an idea of what we really want to do and/or day trips, and factoring in how much downtime we would like, we have a pretty fair idea of the number of days to spend somewhere. We also consider the context of our trip. For example, if we are traveling for a few weeks and have been moving a lot we might spend a couple more days somewhere just to relax. 

  • Of course, we enjoy gathering ideas from other travelers who blog about places they have visited, and it’s always nice to ask for advice from fellow travelers. 



  1. Great tips! We also use the same resources when we travel. TripAdvisor is one we use a lot ��

    1. Thanks :) We don't know what we would do without TripAdvisor!!


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