Sunday, August 19, 2018

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We were on our way to Bali and thought that KL might be a fun place to check out. Lilah loved it and we were pleasantly surprised by this city!

Fast Five Favourites:

  • Batu Caves- This Hindu temple is in an incredible natural setting. It's popular for good reason! Make sure to visit early before the crowds. Generally before 10am seemed to be okay. 
  • KLCC Park- The amazing Petronas Towers can be seen from many angles all over the city. The park below is a nice place for a stroll or to catch some shade. 
  • Thean Hou Temple- This Chinese style temple is a beautiful design and you can also enjoy views back to KL. 
  • Street Markets- Jalan Alor street food markets were where we ate most nights. The food is fresh and delicious with many options. There's many other markets to check out in KL. 
  • Strolling through the city- Our favorite area to explore was around Jalan Melaka station. There a beautiful walk along the river, with a beautiful unique mosque and the historic area nearby. 


  • From Jalan Melaka station you can continue to walk towards Central Market (there are some nice boutique style shops), Sri Maha Hindu temple, and China Town (it wasn't so impressive in the day time and was quite dirty. Maybe night time is better?).
  • It's easiest to take a taxi out to Thean Hou temple and have it wait for you there. It's quite a distance from the nearest station uphill to the temple and the roads are not ideal for walking. We couldn't get a return taxi to the city so had to walk down the hill to flag one down. 
  • 4 nights was a good amount of time to see some of the main areas and sights. The weather in June was nice, and being a tropical destination it was the dry season. The forecast however did show rain most of the time but it did only rain one evening. 
  • We stayed at an Air B'nB that was located in The Face Suites. We loved it as it was private but we were able to use all of the facilities of the hotel, including the rooftop pool with amazing views of the city and Petronas towers. This was a nice area to stay, walking distance from KLCC and close to 2 different tram lines. 
  • TG's was a reasonable priced and good place to eat for Indian food. There's a number of good eating places in KLCC and lots of shopping too!
  • There's an express train that you can catch to the city. We usually opt for convenience with Lilah so caught a taxi which was reasonable priced. You may need to factor in peak travel time depending on when you are transferring. It was about an hour trip but 1 hour 40 in the after work traffic. 
  • The taxi drivers seemed to have a set rate for trips within the city centre. This was at least 3 or 4 times the meter rate which was frustrating, particularly one day when we were caught in the rain with Lilah. Thankfully the tram system was never too far away and easy to use. 

Baby on Board:

  • If we lived in KL, we don't think Lilah would ever leave KLCC. It had the most playgrounds in such close proximity that we had ever seen. There is also a swimming pool with a gorgeous view of the towers.
  • We were able to comfortably use Lilah's stroller in the city, and it was relatively easy to take it on the trams. 

Five things the photos do not show:

  • We forgot to take Lilah's swimwear to KLCC park and she really wanted to get wet and play with her new friends. We ended up walking home with a half naked baby as we had no spare clothes either. At least it was warm :)
  • On our way to KL we had an interesting experience on the plane. Those with children know how anxious you can feel traveling with a babe. Lilah is very used to flying so luckily for the most part she enjoys it. We had a couple in front of us on the flight (wife was pregnant) who would look back at us with horrible stares every time Lilah made a single sound, even laughter! We hope they will realize when they have their own babe that they were being idiots. We have found most people to be extremely supported. But there is always the exception.
  • We saw a baby monkey about to eat a cigarette that someone had dropped on the ground at Batu Caves. Thankfully the Mama monkey stopped it. There was quite a lot of trash around.
  • We are not very adventurous when it comes to trying food! We had a few recommendations from taxi drivers to try and then we would get there and not be game enough to give it a go. It may help to have an idea of where you want to eat on a GPS map such as Maps.Me (which you can use offline). We wished we had done this a couple of times. 
  • The concierge at the Face Suites was not happy that we used the trolley to move our suitcases as were not hotel guests. On our final day he rung the Air B'n'B owner to yell at him in front of us and that was a bit awkward!

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